Graphic Transfers

At Get Creative we are Ireland's leading dry graphic transfer specialists.

Graphic transfers also called dry transfers and rub-on transfers, are a semi-permanent application in which logos, images, and graphics can be applied to a number of materials. The graphic is transferred by printing the image with a special ink that is backed with adhesive on a transfer paper. The image can be transferred onto any smooth surface, including wood, metal, glass or plastic without the use of water or other solvents. Graphic transfers can be used for a variety of applications and are ideal for prototype building, marketing, logos, jewellery design, engineering, and more. Industrial designers, creative directors, artists, graphic designers, and model makers count on custom dry transfers for their affordability and flexibility.

Get Creative's custom graphic transfers can enhance the overall appearance of your project giving it a tangible and finished feel. We have decades of experience working with a variety of clients and guarantee high-quality results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do graphic transfers cost?

    The cost of our dry transfer service will vary from project to project. This price will depend on a number of factors including how many images and transfers are required. To discuss your project and get a free quote please contact the Get Creative team directly.

  • How does a dry transfer work?

    We can take any negative film and turn it into a graphic picture. This picture is then printed onto special adhesive paper, which when rubbed, transfers the image onto the desired material or object.

  • What can graphic transfers be used for?

    Dry graphic transfers can be used in a variety of ways including marketing, manufacturing and design. The most common use of graphic transfers is during prototype design in which companies will transfer their logo or graphic design onto a single prototype in order to see how the real item will look when complete.